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Hi there all you great people.

I have started a group where we all can share our work, Share tips and tactics, and improve our renders.

The requirements is to describe what material you used, how long it took and all those extra details you would like to share.
NB!! any variant of your own is also welcome

Please join it and lets have a blast.

Ok Just finished my first and latest skin of 2014. called REDSPEC TGX.

This render was done with path tracing Kernel maxdepth 2 at 3000 msamples and filtersize set to 1 (to show the max detail that can be achieved with v4 based textures.

Email me at if you are interested.

A lot of work went into this. Prob 4 months of testing and development, as a bonus for those that like tony sculptors skin I've included the latest version as well, called RXT.  If you can donate $30 Ill be extremely motivated, But i dont want to be greedy... So what ever you can afford would be appreciated as well :)
Hi there, I have completed 4 SSS material packs for OCTANERENDER with the poser plugin. They consist out of REDPSEC, RED-X SSS, SUPERSPEC, REDXTONY. Materials... each Pack has a couple of variants that one can use to get the look that you want. Im asking for donations, 1 Pack at $10 or the bunch at $30. It has taken me a year and a half to get where I am now with these skins, and i need to get new Hardware ( 4 GIG or more GPU's) If you like my gallery and think you can use what I have made, please email me on  :) Help me to Help you. :) :) :) 

NB!!! The first few who donate will help me Beta test my Latest RED-Z range of materials for free :)

Those who have been using my materials, if you like them please consider a donation too.  




2ND RED TGX Line of SSS materials

Here is some samples Im working on for a new SCI FI pack, thats gonna give any character a the look you desire, making it as easy as loading and whallah, does not affect your character texture at all. Interested... pop me a mail :) I will also be doing special requests for a teeny commission or donation you see fit :)
Dark Elve by REDANTAPink by REDANTAStw Blue Tgx by REDANTA

Tgx Red Green by REDANTATgx Orc by REDANTA
I would like to do commission work!, I will not be super crazy with my prices, but if you like our work, drop me a pm and we can discuss the need. :)
The project was inspired by an idea, to create a variety of 3-D digital images with today's 3-D applications and share thoughts, techniques, and ideas through art.

REDANTA is a combined effort by two brothers, REDZ and MANTA as we are known by our cyber friends. Manta being the "BLENDER" man and REDZ the rookie.

We use various software including DAZ studio (MANTA); Poser (REDZ); BLENDER (MANTA) and Lux Render (REDZ again). More recently we have invested in Octane Render which set us into HyperGear.

The Main rendering machine is a I5 2500K cpu with 16 gig of Ram, 2 x Geforce GTX 670's 5 TB of Hdd space, a 40" full HD Samsung LED Display with a 24" LCD.

Yes we also do other things like work. :)

Hope you enjoy our artwork.